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GIS & QGIS Level 2: Advanced Edit, Styling, Diagram & Layout

This Course will Make You Advanced in Shapefile Editing, 2.5D Map, Grid Map, Symbology, Map Layout and Diagram and so on
MD. Shahriar Alam
87 students enrolled
Advanced Editing Tips and Tricks
2.5D Map
How to Create Advanced Grid Map
How to Add Pie Chart in Each Feature inside Map
2.5D Map as Bar Diagram
Advanced Symbology for Polygon, Line and Point Feature
Advanced Label for Polygon, Line and Point Feature
Map Layout with Interface Detail
Field Calculator with Code Expression
How to Download OpenStreetMap as Shapefile by using QGIS
Add Website or HTML in Map Layout
Advanced Digitizing Toolbar
Add Attribute Table in Map Layout
Case Study 1: Calculate Total Male and Female Population of Each State
Case Study 2: Add Pie Chart in Each State that shows Age Based Population size of that State.
Case Study 3: Create a Road Map Based on Road Type
Case Study 4: Create A Road Map Based on Road Width
Case Study 5: Create a Road Map by Applying Same Zoom Control Rule of Google Map
Case Study 6: Create State Boundary Map Based on Sub-Region
Case Study 7: Create USA State Map with Road and Apply Same Zoom Control of Google Map
Case Study 8: Make Invisible Only One State Feature After Certain Zoom Level
Case Study 9: Make Invisible Only Less Populated State of USA After Certain Zoom Level
Case Study 10: Create Population Map with Feature Bar Diagram
How to Create Heatmap
Inverted Polygons Symbology
Add Google Website and Wikipedia Website in Map Layout
Categorized Symbology For Polygon, Line and Point
Graduated Symbology For Polygon, Line and Point
Gradiant Color Symbology
Point Displacement Symbology
Point Cluster
How to Create 2.5D Map with Graduated, Categorized and Single Symbol
Map with Diagram
Rule-based Symbology for Polygon, Line and Point Feature
Add Latitude Longitude Values in Grid Map
Map Setting
Grid Modify, Frame, Interval, Line Style, CRS
Grid Map Coordinate Orientation and Properties
Map Layout Menu Bar and Toolbar
Simplify Feature
Simplify for Web GIS
Methods of Simplify
Add Picture, Title, North Arrow, Legend, Scale Bar etc. in Map Layout
Layout Manager
Ring and Part
Split and Merge
Feature Movement Tools
Rotate Feature Tool
How to Add Ring in a Feature
Fill and Delete Ring
Part Drawing Process
Add and Delete Part
Reshape, Reverse and Offset Tool
Join and Cap Style
Apply Rule for Single, Categorized and Graduated Symbology
Merge Attributes
Point Cluster with Single Symbol, Categorized Symbol and Graduated Symbol
Zebra, Line Border and Ticks Frame
Advanced Label Properties
All Types of Label Placement Properties
Label Visibility Tricks
Field Calculator: Shortcut Method
Virtual Field
Pie Chart Style, Properties and Placement
Rule-based Labeling
Parallel, Curved and Horizontal Placement Label
Label Distance and Repeat
Limit The Number of Label
Label Blocking
Quadrant Tool
How to Hide Particular Features using Categorized Symbology
Color Ramp
How to Make Only One Feature with Different Symbol
Class Range Customization
Symbology Visibility Rule
Edit Rule
Minimum (Exclusive) Scale and Maximum (Inclusive) Scale
Apply Rule for a Particular Class Range
Scale Dependent Labeling
Renderer Settings
Heatmap Radius and Density
Heatmap Regions
Heatmap Methods
Weight Field of Heatmap
ArcGIS vs QGIS to Create Heatmap
Symbology Opacity
2.5D Map for Interactive Population Map Presentation
Numerical Field Preparation for 2.5D Height
OSM Plugins Installation
XYZ Tiles
OSM Downloader
How to Download OSM Map for a Particular Area
Condition Before Using Advanced Digitizing Toolbar
How to Create New Layout
Add Layout Page
Undo History
Item Properties
6 Basic Items of Map Layout
How to Add Items inside Map Layout
Map Export
Map Template Create and Save
Open, Delete, Rename, Duplicate and Save Layout
Move Item Content
Add and Edit Node Item
Drawing Items in Map Layout
Create, Show, Duplicate, Remove, Rename Layout
Use of Template in Layout Manager
Shortcut Keys of All Tools in Map Layout
Show or Hide Toolbars and Panels
Group, Lock, Ungroup and Unlock Item in Map Layout
Align, Resize and Distribute Items in Map Layout

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  2. You want to Learn Advanced Editing

  3. You Want to Create 2.5D Map.

  4. You Want to Learn How to Create a Presentable Grid map with all of it’s Tools.

  5. You want to Learn Advanced Symbology and Dynamic Label in QGIS.

  6. You Want to Learn about Map Layout in Detail.

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  2. Will Teach you in detail about Advanced Digitizing Toolbar with Many Tips and Tricks of Advanced Editing.

  3. Will Teach you How to Create 2.5D Map and also with Different Types of Symbology.

  4. Will Teach you all Tools of Grid Map and Map Settings.

  5. Will Guide you All Ways to Create Any Kind of Advanced Symbology and Label in QGIS.

  6. Will Give you knowledge on Map Layout Interface and Its all Tools with creating Interactive Map with Item Including Title, Legend, North Arrow, Scale Even You will be able to Add Also HTML or Web Site and Attribute Table in Map Layout.

  7. Gives you enjoyable and Magical Tips and Tricks of QGIS Interface.

  8. Gives you All Lectures based on Step by Step Process with description about how and why with practical doing video. Because we believe in Learning by Doing and Playing with Enjoy the Topic.

  9. Is a cheap course of GIS and QGIS with 50 Lectures with 10 Downloadable Resources, 14 Sections, 12 Quiz Test, 1 Assignment and 1 Article and each Lecture contain Detail Explanation, Many Topics and Materials with step by step detail.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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4.3 out of 5
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