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Civil Engineering Practical Knowledge

Mandatory knowledge of civil engineering.
Gokul Saud
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Topics of Civil Engineering that are missed in college.
Contractual process, site works, site handling, concrete works, rebar works etc.
Structure knowledge and working at site.

We spend four years at engineering college and learn many things. However, there are things that are not taught at the engineering college but are useful in professional life. This course is intended to cover the void that remains even after four years of engineering.

This course is intended to teach you the conceptual things that check your logical reasoning capacity. It will polish your knowledge regarding some of the basic questions on civil engineering.  This course is intended for civil engineering students who are about to complete their engineering course and the fresh civil engineering graduates who are about to seek a job. This course will keep on expanding as I will keep on adding the lectures. 

Contract and Pre-Construction Works

What is 'Bill of Quantities'?
How to Speed up to Slow down the Lecture speed?

Billing and Measurements

What is a Running Bill?
What is a Measurement Book (MB)?
What is Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

Measure Area of Land

Measuring Area of Irregular Land using Tape
Measuring Area of Land using AutoCAD
Measuring Area of Land using Google Earth

Building Foundation

Deep Foundation
Isolated Foundation
Combined and Mat Foundation
Strap Foundation

Structural Members

One Way Slab v/s Two Way Slab

This video talks about the difference between one way and two way slab. It explains when a slab is one way and when it is a two way. It also talks about load transfer mechanism in both one way and two way slab. This video also talks about yield line theory.

Short Column Effect Explained

This video gives the meaning or definition of the short column effect that is experienced in the buildings. It tells us what is short column effect and in which situations we have short column effect in buildings. It also explains how we can avoid short column effect in buildings.

What are Hidden Beams?

This video explains the meaning of hidden beams. It also explains when and where these kinds of beams are required in a building construction.


Torsion in Buildings

This video describes how torsion in generated in buildings. It also explains what can be done to avoid the torsion in such buildings.

When a building is hit by an earthquake, it is subjected to horizontal force at the floor levels and the whole building is deflected. If the building is regular shaped the deflection is uniform in all the parts of the building. But if it is irregular then the
deflection is not uniform, some parts deflect much and some parts less. Due to this difference in deflection the building as a whole tends to rotate leaving the corners and ends at more stress. This rotation of a building is called the torsion Torsion irregularity shall be considered when floor diaphragms are rigid in their own
plan in relation to the vertical structural elements that resist the lateral forces. Torsion irregularity is considered to exist when the maximum storey drift, computed with design eccentricity, at one end of the structure transverse to axis is more than 1.2
times of the average of the storey drifts at the two ends of the structures.

What is Plinth Level and Plinth Height?

This video explains the meaning of plinth level. It explains the meaning of the plinth height and the value of the plinth height. It also talks about the DPC or damp proof concrete in buildings.

What is below Plinth? Construction Procedure up to Tie Beam

This video gives the description of the entire procedure of the construction of the isolated footing. This video explains how the work below plinth level is carried out at the site. It shows you the arrangement of the reinforcement of the isolated footing. It also explains the meaning of super structure and sub structure.

Concrete Bands in Masonry Brick Walls

Rebars Cutting, Lapping and Bending

What is Lapping of Bars?

This video explains the meaning of lapping of bars. It also explains why we need to lap the bars and the position of lapping for the bars in beam. It also tells us the appropriate lapping length of bars.

Why the bars are bent up in beams and slabs?

This video explains the need of bent up bars in beams and slabs.

The concept of 1.42*d in Cranked Bars

This video describes why we add 1.42d for bent up bars while calculating the total length of the bar.

Cutting Length of Column Bars Ep - 01

This video describes the lapping of bars in the column. It explains why we need to lap the bars. This video explains the proper position for the lapping of bars in the column. The lapping position is as per IS 13920:2002. It also talks about the ductility detailing of column.

Concrete and Concrete Works

Grade of Concrete Explained

This video explains the meaning the grade of concrete. It explains how the grade of concrete is specified. It explains what is the meaning of the M20 or any grade of concrete.

Characteristic Strength and Target Mean Strength of Concrete

This video talks about the constituents of the concrete,. It explains the meaning of characteristic strength and target mean strength of the concrete. It explains bell shaped curve of the compressive strength test results of the concrete.

Nominal Mix v/s Design Mix of Concrete
How to Find Number of Bags of Cement for Concreting Works


Concept of Levelling
What is a Structure?

This video gives the definition of structure. It explains the meaning of structure.

How to Find Height of a Room Using a Leveling Machine?

In this video you will learn How to Find Height of a Room Using a Leveling Machine.

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