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Travel Game for Kids Geography Math

Finding Dregco
Sandy Ingram
1,116 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Children will learn world geography while playing detective
Children will learn and utilize math formulas related to travel
Children will improve cognitive skills; Memory and sequence of events
Children will learn how to read a map showing countries, oceans and airports
Children will experienced an increase in awareness as they travel the virtual world.
Children's ability to stay focused will improve

It will take math and geography skills to find Dregco.  He must be found before he destroys the world with Professor Spencer’s math formula.  The math questions in the course are easy enough.  Answers are provided to ensure the child stays on track.  Learning about different countries and their relationship to each other provides the child with an exciting lesson in geography.

Children travel with Detective Jarbo from New York City to San Francisco, California, where Dregco boards a cruise ship headed for Hawaii.  Once in Hawaii, the little green monster flies to Asia, but not before disappearing off the cruise ship onto a submarine.  Children will enjoy virtual travel using video, images, different modes of transportation and quizzes. 

The characters are in cartoon format, however, all travel videos are in real life format which creates a colorful, interesting and informative lecture.  Children will need to employ math and geography skills to help Detective Jarbo find Dregco.  The FBI is on the case as well, however, they don’t know Dregco is a shapeshifter.

Note:  Video Lectures are added often until the Detective Jarbo travel around the entire world.


Dregco Escapes New York City, But Why Does He Go the the City Library?

Dregco escapes New York City, after visiting several famous landmarks.  Students are provided with two important math formulas involved in travel, as well as a short lesson on which countries still use miles as opposed to kilometers.

The NYC Police Watch the Surveillance Cameras at the NYC Library

This lecture establishes what Dregco's plans are.  Children are introduced to two important factors,

surveillance cameras and an FBI Analyst. This lecture helps to increase a child's awareness.

San Francisco; Time Traveled Math Formula; Addition, Subtraction, Division

Learning about San Francisco, and Giant Social Media Companies in the Area

In this lecture children will learn about the city of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and major high tech companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Children also learn about the three letter airport codes.  See Resources to learn more about airport codes and the organization that is responsible for the codes.   In this lecture kids will receive detail instructions on their assignment to help Detective Jarbo catch or stop Dregco.

Math Quiz:

Math Quiz One

You will need to figure out the time it takes to go from point A to point B.  You will then need to determine if Detective Jarbo will catch Dregco based on your math problems

Where Does Dregco Go After He Leaves San Francisco Math; Division

Determine which city Dregco will visit, Mexico City, Mexico or Tokyo, Japan

In this lecture students learn about Mexico City, population, images, and date the city was established.  Students will need to help Detective Jarbo figure out where Drego might go next???  Use the Resource Tab to learn more about Mexico City.

Preparing for the Quiz Knots vs MPH

This short lecture explains knots, nautical miles and changing knots into miles per hour.  Math Formula; multiplication; division.  See Resources for Longitude and Latitude.

Calculating Nautical Miles One Question

In this quiz you will review turning knots into nautical miles.

Where Should Detective Jarbo Go Next? Mexico City, Hawaii or Tokyo, Japan?

Kids learn a secret about Dregco and must determine where to send Detective Jarbo, to Mexico City, Hawaii or Tokyo. Japan?  A lesson in decision making.

Asia First Stop Tokyo, Japan Will Detective Jarbo Catch Dregco?

Exploring Tokyo, Learning About New Internet Cafe Accommodations

In this lecture, children visit Tokyo, Japan, the world's largest city  The video lecture shares images of people, trends and places in Tokyo including Tokyo Disneyland, children in school and Japanese kimonos.  Detective Jarbo experiences disappointment when he doesn't catch Dregco,   

Airport Codes for Tokyo's Two Airports

The FBI Talks to Professor Spencer and Learn More About Dregco

Detective Jarbo Gets Help in Finding Dregco

The FBI has a strong talk with Professor Spencer and she admits to knowing more about Dregco than she previously revealed.  The FBI ends up contacting the United Nations after the White House gives permission.  The UN calls an emergency meeting to deal with the Dregco security risk.  Please see Resources for assignment on learning more about the United Nations

Will Drego Go to Hong Kong or Shanghai Before Going to India?

The Rules Have Changed

These are the new rules.  The United Nations Special Cyber-Crime Council doesn't want Dregco arrested.  The  UN wants to know exactly what Dregco is up to.  They want to stop anyone else from committing the same crime in the future. 

Learning About Hong Kong

Children will learn about the Island of Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, located in southeastern China This lecture build awareness and understanding about different cultures.  We are not sure if Dregco will go to Hong Kong or not.

Now, It's Time to Visit Shanghai

Shanghai is 1,096 miles from Tokyo. In the Detective Game of Jarbo and Dregco, we're not sure which city Dregco will visit next.  Children will learn interesting facts about the city of Shanghai and the Chinese cultural.

Where Will Drego Go Next? Russia or India, or Both

All About Mumbai India

Now that all the countries know about Dregco, they will be watching as he travels the world.  Dregco may visit Mumbai, India.  In this video children learn about the city of Numbai,  about the children and different modes of transportation in India. The research online delivered different population numbers for China and India.  We can never be sure of the exact numbers, only what they tell us.

Shanghai China to Numbai India

What is the travel time?


Let's explore Moscow, Russia

Children will visit Russia in this short video.  To learn more facts about the country of Russia, use the link in Resources to connect to National Geographic for Kids

Airport Code

Look up the Airport Code for International Airport in Moscow, Russia

Where Will Dregco Go Next? Perhaps Istanbul in Turkey?

Reading World Map; Moscow and Istanbul, Turkey

Children get an opportunity to help Detective Jarbo, decide where Dregco may go next.  A world map is presented and children can see the correlation between Moscow, Russia and Istanbul, Turkey.   

All About Istantbul Turkey

This video shares important facts about the City of Istanbul in Turkey. 


How long will it take Detective Jarbo to fly from Moscow, Russia to Istanbul in Turkey?

Let's Review Dregco's Travel Status

Let's Review Dregco;s Travel Status

This video goes over the continents Dregco has not visited.  Children will read the world map and learn which continents Dregco may visit next.

Name the Continents

Children are asked to identity the seven continents.

Review of Countries on the Aribian Peninsula Minus One

Children will explore countries surrounding Saudi Aribia.

Children learn what a peninsula is and which countries are located on the Arabian Peninsula.  A lifestyle and culture awareness lecture.

Learning More About Saudi Araibia

A quick look at Saudi Arabia, the capital city and the country's wealth and lifestyle.  The goal of this lecture is to increase culture and lifestyle awareness. .

Quiz on Saudi Aribia Airport Code

Select the best answer for each question.

Where Will Dregco Go Once He Leaves Saudi Aribia?

Reading a Map

Children were asked to determine what are the largest cities near Saudi Arabia.  In this lecture children improve map reading skills and decision making based on the population of cities close to Saudi Aribia.

Visiting the Cities of Cairo and Giza, Egypt

In this lecture kids learn about Egypt, Cairo, Giza, the Nile River and the Suez Canal.  The answer to the question of how long will it take Detective Jarbo to reach Cairo, Egypt if the flight miles are 1,019 miles, and the aircraft is traveling 480 mph, is approximately 2.12 minutes.

Dregco Travels Come to and End, Does He Get Caught?

Drego Only Has 3 Days Left

In this lecture, we find out Dregco receives a message from outer space.  Is Dregco an alien?   He has 3 days before he must leave earth.  Students are asked to complete an assignment on the city they would like to investigate, a city Dregco has not yet visited..

Drego's Escape Plan

Science fiction win the game.  Students learn how Dregco plans to get away.

What is the Name of England's International Airport?

Airport codes are an important part of travel.  Which airport uses the code LHR?

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