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The Ultimate Guide for Land Surveying with Drones – Part 2

Learn to work with Pix4D & DroneDeploy outputs on QGIS, AutoCAD & Google Earth. Start your own UAV mapping business now!
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Master end to end post processing techniques with outputs of image processing
Post process orthomosaics in QGIS to identify GPS points, measure distance and area
Post process digital surface models (DSM) in QGIS to identify GPS points, elevations and generate contours
Post process contours in QGIS to remove small objects, smoothen lines and overlay with the orthomosaic
Use QGIS to generate AutoCAD compatible orthomosaic and contours
Clip orthomosaics and DSMs with QGIS
Post process contours with AutoCAD to label them with elevation values
Post process orthomosaics with AutoCAD to create layers for boundaries, features and overlay with contours
Post process orthomosaics with Google Earth Pro to overlay them on satellite image, add placemarks and paths, perform measurements
Post process orthomosaics with GIMP to add layers for boundaries, titles, logo and get it ready for print
Generate reports
Determine local market demand and assess competition
Customer acquisition strategies
Conducting Proof of Concepts
Business growth strategies
Subtitles in English and Spanish

This course is the second part of the 3 course series “The Ultimate Guide for Land Surveying with Drones”. This part covers the steps involved after you have processed the images from your drone survey. We have detailed post processing using various software applications such as QGIS, AutoCAD, Google Earth Pro and Gimp. We’ve also covered how to create the best reports for your clients and finally, how you can convert all this knowledge you have gained, into a sustainable and profitable business. This course is a continuation of the first course. It also useful for those of you who are already in the drone survey business.

The course series has over 4000 enrollments across 114 countries since it was released 10 months ago.


“This is one Informative, clear and well done course. A lot of knowledge on post processing of drone data has been shared that is not available anywhere. Thanks!”

“The course is meticulously made with great visuals and the instructor takes you through the process step by step, elucidating all the concepts . There are a lot of materials like checklists etc that are a must have for all drone surveyors. Absolutely fantastic!”

“Part 2 of the course is fantastic! Kinda closes the loose ends when it comes to delivering drone mapping outputs to the customer. I used to be daunted by the thought of having to use qgis and autocad. Well, not anymore!”

“This course is completely technical and detailed. I would say it is a must for anyone who wants to do further than just process drone images on dronedeploy and pix4d.”

“I like the fact the it uses QGIS open source. Many small companies can’t afford the expensive programs. Besides, it’s a good refresher.”

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