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Substation Fundamentals Complete Understanding

Complete Over View of Substation, 132kV Power Transformer, 132kV GIS, Protection Installed are all covered
Muhammad Kashif
150 students enrolled
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Learn about Purpose of Electrical Substations.
Understand the Difference between Circuit Breaker and Fuse/ Isolator.
Understand the Power Transformers in Substations.
Understand Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Earth Switches in Substations.
Understand Protection Relays Basics
Understand the Usage of Lightning arrester.
Learn about the Instrumental Transformers including the current and potential or voltage transformer.
Understand the Isolators and Bus bars in Power system.
Understand Busbar Schemes
Walk Through Visit of Substation, Know how to identify substation Components
Learn about Substation Single Line Diagram
Learn about Substation interlocking
Learn about Capacitor Banks.
Learn about Neutral Ground Resistors
Learn about Switch Gears
Learn about GIS Gas Insulated Substation
Learn About AIS Air insulated Substation
Learn about Equipment Grounding and its Purpose.
Learn about Power System Grounding and its Target.
Learn about the Relay and its difference compared to circuit breaker.
Learn about the Circuit Breaker Mechanism
Learn about the GIS Gas Compartment
Learn about the MV SWGR Explain by 3d Simulation
Learn about the Transformer Basics, Construction, Working Principle
Learn about the Transformer Radiator, Fans
Learn about the Transformer Oil & Winding Temperature Indicators
Learn about the Transformer Pressure Relief Device
Learn about the Transformer Name Plate & GA Drawings
Learn about the Transformer Oil Level Indicator
Learn about the Transformer Short Circuit & Open Circuit Test
Learn about the Transformer Bushing
Learn about the Transformer Maintenance
Learn about the MV SWGR HRC Fuses
Learn about the MV SWGR Voltage Detecting devices
Learn about the MV SWGR Interlocking
Learn about the MV SWGR Maintenance


We have covered following topics in this training

· What is Substation

· Function of Substation

•Transmit Power

•Step Up of Down Voltages / Current



•Power Dispatching & Control

•Isolating Faulty Parts, Load Shedding

•Reactive Power Compensation

· Types of Substation

•Transmission Substation

•Distribution Substation

•Collector Substation

•Converter Substation

•Switching Substation

•Mobile Substation

· How Substation Work

· Components of Substation

1.Power transformer or distribution transformer (depending on substation type)

2.Circuit breakers

3.Disconnecting switches

4.Earthing Switches


6.Capacitor Bank

7.Current transformers

8.Potential transformers

9.Lightening arrestor

10.Protective relays

11.Station batteries

12.Earthing system

· Introduction to Substation Single Line Diagram

· Substation Interlocking

· Walk Through Video of Substation, where you can see virtually all Substation Equipment and Identify C.T,V.T, Transformer, Breaker, Control & protection panel, battery room, charger and much more. It is like you visit substation yourself exciting.

· Explained Why AC is used over DC for Generation, Transmission and distribution

· Auxiliary Transformer

· Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank

· Neutral Ground Resistor (NGR)

· Types of Protection Relays installed

· GAS INSULATED SUBSTATION , CT,VT, CB, Isolator, Earthing Switch


· Demonstration How to Checkc CT. VT Wiring in Substation Actual site video

· Live captured 230kV Operation of Isolator

· Substation Interlocking Explained, When CB can be operated ??

· Brief Introduction of Substation Busbar Schemes

· Visit of Surge Arrestor Manufacturing Factory Hubbell Power System, Showing Manufacturing process, material used, testing of Surge Arrestor

· Site Visit and Actual Circuit Breaker Visit showing different components of CB

· A Walk Through Power Transformer . showing & identifying components

Medium Voltage Switch Gear

· Introduction of MV SWGR

Introduction to MV SWGR is divided in four compartments

· MV SWGR Cable Compartment

· MV SWGR CB Compartment

· MV SWGR Compartment

· MV SWGR Busbar Compartment

· Operation Maintenance of SWGR, Interlocking

· Msc Item of SWGR

MV SWGR in Detail


· CB Mechanical Operation

· CB Stored Energy Principle

· CB IEC Rating

· •Rated voltage, Ur (kV)

•Rated lightning impulse withstand rating, Up (kV)

•Rated frequency, fr (Hz)

•Rated current, Ir (A)

· •Rated short-time withstand current, Ik (kA)

•Rated short circuit duration, tk (s)

•Rated peak withstand current (kA)

•Rated short circuit breaking capacity, Isc (kA)

•Transient recovery voltage, TRV

•Rated TRV (Uc) for circuit breakers intended for use on cable systems (Class S1)

•Rated out-of-phase breaking current, Id (kA)

•Rated capacitive switching currents

· MV SWGR CB Compartment in detail

· MV SWGR Componets

· MV SWGR Mimic

· CB Trolley

· CB Trip Coil

· CB Closing Coil

· CB Closing Spring

· CB Tripping Spring

· CB Latch

· CB Push button Operation

· CB AUX contacts

· CB Vacuum bottle

· CB Terminal Types

· CB Interrupter Unit

· CB Trip Free Mechanism

· Tulip, Jaw type Contact

· VCB Contact Shapes

· CB Mechanism

· Anti Pumping Relay

· Three Position Switch

· Name Plate in Detail

· Current Trasformer

· CT Name Plate

· CT IEC Standards

· Types of CT

· CT Primary & Secondary Data

· Installation drawing of CT

· CT Magnetization Curve , Saturation Region, Linear Region

· VT in detail

· Types of VT

· VT name plate

· VT IEC standards

· VT Primary & Secondary Data

· Cable Compartment

· Cable Sealing End

· Cable insulators

· Type of Cable Compartment ( For Transformer, Feeder, Ring Main)

· How Phase sequence is shown

· Selection of Cable Sealing End

· 1 Core & 3 Core Cable Sealing End

· HRC High Rupturing Capacity fuse assembly

· HRC on Mimic

· HRC Fuse Feature, Mode of operation

· HRC Fuse Selection

· Busbar Compartment

· Busbar Compartment IEC Rating

· How to identify phase sequence in busbar compartment

· VT,CT Connection at BB compartment

· LV Compartment

· Protection relays, auxiliary relays, control, alarm

· Voltage detection system

· For voltage detection according to IEC 61243-5 and VDE 0682 Part 415 with the following

voltage detecting systems:

• LRM plug-in sockets

• VOIS+, VOIS R+ (option)

• CAPDIS -S1/-S2+ (option)

• WEGA 1.2/2.2 (option)

· Accessories of MV SWGR

· Interlocking of MV SWGR

Power Transformer

· Basics

· Construction & Symbols

· Magnetic Coupling , Electrical Coupling, Step Up Step Down Transformers

· Impedance and isolating Transformers

· Losses in Transformer Copper , Core Loss, Hystersis Loop

· Buchholz Relay in Detail , Main and Conservator Tank

· Pressure Relief Device

· Transformer Silica Gel and it maintenance

· GA Drawings of Transformer

· Transformer Rating Plat 26MVA

· WTI and OTI , Winding Temperature & Oil Temperature Indicator

· Oil Level Indicator

· Short Circuit and open circuit Test of Transformer

· Bushing of Transformer HV MV

· Radiators of Transformer

· ranformer Name Plat , Main Characteristics

· Power Transformer Maintence

· Power Transformer MCQs

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