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Pubnub – Javascript Realtime Maps Geolocation Tracking

Pubnub Realtime Maps for Beginners with Javascript, Google Maps API and Pubsub Capability
Larry Harris
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Pubnub Realtime Geolocation Tracking with Javascript and Google Maps API

The only course that gets straight to the point with realtime geolocation and tracking   

Learn how to integrate Pubnub, which is a global data stream network, with Google Maps API and Javascript in order to display realtime maps on your webpage. 

Realtime technology is the latest trend in the internet of things (IOT).  Jump on the bandwagon now so that you can start building realtime applications that were once a dream. 

This course is for absolute beginners who are having a hard time connecting the dots with Pubnub data streaming,  Javascript and Google Maps API.  You do not need any special software, hardware, etc.  All you need is a computer.  Ideally, you should have a hosting provider and domain name.  If not, a simple internet connection will be all that is required.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Access the Pubnub Console in Order to Send and Receive Data to Your Website

  • How to Create a Live Flight Path Simulator that Will Send its Data Points to Pubnub

  • How to Create a Realtime Tracking Map that Will Send its Location Data to Pubnub

  • How to Take the Data Sent to Pubnub and Broadcast it Back to Other Users (Like Users Who Watch Cars on Rideshare Apps)



Welcome to the Realtime Maps with Pubnub, Javascript Google Maps API tutorial.   In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a REALTIME tracking system that will allow other users to see your live, realtime location on the map.

We will first start with a tutorial on how to initialize Pubnub, which is a data stream network (i.e. Pubsub) and will receive data from our Javascript/Google Map. We will create a simple "Hello World" test in Pubnub.  Next, we will set up our Google Maps API key.  This will then be followed by the creation of a flight path simulator that will show a moving marker on our map.  Finally, we will setup our realtime geolocation tracking map. 

You DO NOT have to be an expert in Javascript, Pubnub, Pubsub, or Google Maps.  There is NO NEED to feel like you have to learn all of these programming languages in order to set up a realtime map.  Of course, if you have experience in these programming languages, you will be able to extend on this tutorial as far as you can imagine.

Getting Started With Pubnub

Creating a Pubnub Account

In this section, we will create a Pubnub account in order to publish and subscribe data (i.e. Pubsub).

Hello World in Pubnub Tutorial

We will run our first "Hello World" program in Pubnub in order to demonstate Pubsub (publish and subscribe) capability.

Combining Javascript, Pubnub and Google Maps For Realtime Tracking

Getting your API Key for Google Maps

In this lecture, we will setup access to our pubnub publish and subscribe key (i.e. Pubsub).  In addition, we will get our google maps API key.

Using Codepen to Generate our Map

In this tutorial, we will use Codepen, a social development environment for front-end designers and developers, in order to generate the html code for our flight path map.

Generating a Flight Path Map

In this tutorial, we will be generating our first flight path map.

Deep Dive Into the Code (OPTIONAL LECTURE)

This is a deep dive into the code so that you can start to gain insight as to how Pubnub works with Javascript and Google Maps API.

Live Location - Part 1

We are going to set up our live location using codepen.

Live Location - Part 2

In this lecture, we will send data (Publish and Subscribe..or PUBSUB) from our Pubnub console to our map.  As a result, our location will change in realtime.

Live Location - Part 3

In this section, we will continue our development of live location tracking. In addition, I provided a link so that you can download the files to your desktop (localhost).  I also show you how to set localhost so that you can test your map without a website.  The "live location" zip file is available at the end of this section.

Live Location - Part 4

In this section, we will conclude our live location tracking demo.  We will test a "use case" as if we were a user looking at our point on the map.  The "live location" zip file is available at the end of this section.


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