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Learning to work with Emacs

Emacs is not just a text editor
Eric Simard
290 students enrolled
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Learn to use Emacs, Use it as a text editor, Terminal emulator, Web browser and more.
I will take you from the base, with a fresh default install of GNU Emacs.
You will learn to use Emacs as a text editor, file manager and terminal emulator.

Emacs is not just a text editor. Learn how Emacs can replace multiple programs and remain fast and efficient.
For Linux lovers to Sys admin, if you work in text mode, edit lots of file and are constantly in a terminal emulator, then Emacs is a tool you want to learn. You will do away with multiple external program. Plus Emacs operation with key binding is so much faster then operation with the mouse.

Before we start


Allow me to introduce myself and give you a quick overview of what Emacs can do, why you should learn it.

Basic Concepts

Before we dive in, lets look at a few basic concepts of Emacs. We quickly explore how keybinding are written and executed.

Quick Review

Quick quiz to review what we have learned.

Basic operations

Managing Frames

Now we start learning how to operate Emacs. First, lets learn how to manage frames.

You will learn how to create splits, close them and move around from frame to frame.

Quick Quiz

A few questions to help memorize the keybinding associated with managing Frames.

Managing Buffers

Learn how to manage buffers. Switching & Killing buffers.

Quick Quiz

A few question to review important points.

Working with files.

Working with files Part 1

With this lecture you will learn how to open files, open files as root, open files on remote computer.

Save buffer, save as. Open folder in DIRED mode. Insert file at point and toggle read only on a buffer.

Quick Quiz

Quick quiz to test your knowledge

Working with files Part 2

With this lecture you will learn how to move around the buffer with convenient key binding.

Do search, regular expression search. Search and replace.

You also learn to record keyboard macro and execute them at will.

Quick Quiz

Quick quiz to review the notion we just learned.

Working with files Part 3

In this section I focus on Cut/Copy/Paste. I introduce Emacs kill ring. When you Cut/Copy, Emacs save the data in a kill ring. You can paste data that was copied a while back.
I also show you how to undo modification with Emacs key binding.

Quick Quiz

Quick quiz to review what we have learned.

Customizing Emacs

Look and feel is important.

We had a lot of information to digest in the previous section. Here you will make Emacs more comfortable for you.

You will adjust theme, fonts and other modification to make it easier to look at data for extended period of times.

~/.emacs and ~/.emacs.d

You will learn about Emacs "preference" files: ~/.emacs
Also about ~/.emacs.d directory.
You will add some more customization and practice notions learned in section 3.
You will also see a first example of a custom function that we write in ~/.emacs
I love this function, it fixes indentation for the whole buffer.

Package management.

Emacs features can be extremely improved by installing different packages. Learn how to browse, search, install and remove packages with Emacs built-in package management system.
There are thousands of packages available, from tools and utilities to games. The list is quite extensive.

Emacs as a terminal emulator

Shell, eshell and term

While within Emacs, you can do away with other terminal emulator. Emacs provide 3 replacement:

Shell - A read-write text buffer that send your command to a subshell and appends the output to the buffer.

Eshell - Emacs own terminal. Provides its own commands and can redirect output to other buffer.

Term - A full fledge terminal emulator.

Quick Quiz

Review your knowledge on Emacs shell.

Help and man pages

Linux man pages & Getting help

In this quick conclusion learn how to browse Linux man pages and get help with Emacs

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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