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Learn 2D and 3D AutoCAD 2021-2017 for Engineering Students

This is a complete guide to AutoCAD 2021, well students can also easily design or drawing on earlier version of AutoCAD
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6,263 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Able to do simple drawings
Able to design any object in 2D and 3D
Able to design 3D objects like Nut, Bolt

This course is them those wanted to learn about latest version of CAD from beginning to little advanced level, basically in this course we have demonstrate step by step guide to use useful commands of AutoCAD 2021-2017, that’s why you can follow steps and reach to the target easily.

What are Requirements-

  • Need to have basic knowledge of computer

What Students are Going to Learn-

  • Basics of AutoCAD

  • Unique approach to use the software

  • Able to draw objects in 2D

  • Able to draw objects 3D

  • Will have knowledge of 2D commands

  • Will have knowledge of 3D commands

What is the Target Audience-

  • Engineering students wanted to learn about AutoCAD

  • Wanted to know about designing

Introduction to AUTOCAD

Introduction to AutoCAD 2017 Interface

This video will tells you about basic introduction to AutoCAD 2017

Unit System We Used in AutoCAD

In this tutorial you will learn about basic concept of unit system we used in AutoCAD

Ways to Draw Anything in AutoCAD

Yeah, this tutorial will tell you how to draw anything using AutoCAD, awesome is not it.

Helping Options in AutoCAD for Easy Drawing

There are many helping options we have in AutoCAD to draw anything effectively.

Selecting Interface of AutoCAD

Yeah, interface is most important because there are many interfaces but here I have shared with you the most useful one, of course it is my own view.

Miscellaneous Commands

Absolute Coordinate System
Relative Coordinate System
Polar Coordinate System
Form Command

2D in AutoCAD

Drawing Line Command and Create Rectangle in AutoCAD

Let get started with drawing, so here you will learn about first drawing you can draw by using AutoCAD

Drawing Circle

Lets draw circle here you will learn, how to draw circle.

Drawing Rectangle Directly

Yeah, there is also a command in AutoCAD, that's why you can directly draw rectangle

Drawing Arc and Use of It

Here, you will learn about drawing arc and of course this command very useful 

Use of Spline

This is one of my favorite command, because it is very helpful for drawing things according to our requirement.

Use of Offset & Mirror Command

Use of Offset and Mirror command is very useful for saving time while drawing any big drawing, like drawing Lathe Machine Tool

Use of Trim

Trim command is one of the command, which help us all the time, while drawing because it helps to remove error fro drawing

Use of Chamfer

Chamfer command is useful while drawing any 2D as well as 3D object for giving finishing touch and making the drawing more beautiful and realistic.

Use of Hatching

Hatching command is one of the command,which we used to make the drawing more readable for architecture and of course for students also.

Saving Drawing

Yeah, after all you have to save your drawing and in this tutorial you will learn about saving drawing.

3D in AutoCAD

3D Commands Extrude, Presspull, Sweep

3D commands are just awesome, you will love to use these command, here I have shared with you couple of most useful commands that's why you can get started with 3D right way.

Use of Orbit Command

Orbit, okay here you will learn about viewing your drawing in different angle, here you will learn lot of different ways to view the object, which you have drawn

Introduction to 3D Commands Extrude, Presspull & Sweep Command

Here, you will learn about how to use all important 3D commands step by step guide, just you need to follow once and you can do it itself, but it is up to you how you can grab it.

How to Design Traditional Water Pot in 3D

Yeah, this is my all time favorite, actually this is one of the amazing design, which will let you learn lot of things about designing

How to Draw Spring in 3D

Spring in 3D is just awesome to view, but here you will need step by step guide for doing it right way, specially you need to grab the basic concept to draw spring in 3D

How to Design Nut in 3D

Nut, designing Nut is one of the easy way, if you will follow my instruction and concepts I have shared will help you to draw any other things related to it.

How to Use Fillet and Chamfer Command in 3D

In this tutorial you will learn about fillet and chamfer command, when you need to use these commands with your 3D design to make it better looking, most of time use have used it for designing furniture, mechanical components.

How to Design Bolt in 3D

In this tutorial you will learn about designing bolt in 3D

Difference Between Extrude and Presspull Command

Here, you go the best thing is to know the difference between two most important command of AutoCAD if you are designing anything then use these commands is almost necessary.

3D Dimensions
Home in 3D
UCS Tool Bar
Array 3D
Union Subtract
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4.1 out of 5
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