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Introduction to Manifold GIS (v.6.5) Scripting

Learning how to use VBScript in Manifold GIS to automate geospatial tasks.
Arthur Lembo
60 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Utilize VB Script to work with the Manifold GIS object model
Learn how to write scripts to automate GIS tasks
Learn how to use scripting both inside and outside of the GIS to complete spatial tasks.

Course Overview

Do you want to learn how to automate tasks in Manifold GIS?

Based on overwhelming requests to learn how to write scripts for Manifold GIS, I developed a “2 day”* training course in customizing Manifold GIS 6.5 with VBScript.

Users of the training have indicated they were able to save THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting costs within the first day of using the training.

The course does not require any programming knowledge to follow along. Although, we recommend you pick up a good book on VBScript to have as a reference.

The best way to use this training is to do the following:

  • Watch the video in one window, while working alongside the instructor in another window with Manifold GIS.
  • Use a good pair of headphones in order to listen to the material

When you complete this course, you will be able to write your own scripts to automate GIS tasks. Many of our users started generating revenue by consulting on Manifold GIS projects within a week of taking this course.

Course Outline

Part I – Overview of the Object Model

Part II – Getting a hold of the Object Model

Finding the Components

The Drawing Object

The Table Object

The Surface Object

The Map Object

The Analyzer Object

The Query Object

Part III – Examples of Automating Tasks with VBScript

Coordinate Systems

Shortest Path between cities

Separating State from County Borders

Part IV – Bonus Features

Integrating ActiveX with VBScript

Creating an Add-in

*with over 4 hours of video lectures, this course will equate to a two-day training course if you spend time typing in the code and running the programs.

Welcome to the course

Getting Started

This course will utilize the mexico.map file. You can download the file from the link below.

Introduction to the Manifold GIS Object Model - Part 1

This is the first video that will provide you with an overview of the Manifold GIS object model. In this video you will learn what is on the object model, and how to navigate around the object model using VBScript.

Overview of the Object Model, part 2

Part II - Getting a Handle on the Components

Part II - Finding Components Through the Object Model

All data in Manifold GIS is considered a component. These include the drawings, tables, queries, maps, scripts, and layouts. While a typical user will interact with the components using a mouse via the GUI, programmers will access the components through the object model. This video will show you how to instantiate the component object in Manifold, and find different properties and methods that make them work for the user.

Components, part 2
Part II - The Drawing Object
Drawings, part 2
Part II - The Table Object

Attribute data is found in the table object. The table object allows you to search for data and manipulate the database records in a Manifold project. This video will show you how to obtain and work with table information in Manifold using VBScript.

Part II - The Surface Object
Part II - The Map Object
Part II - The Analyzer Object
Part II - The Query Object

Part III - Applying Scripting Concepts to Automate Work

Part III - Working with Coordinate Systems
Part III - Finding the Shortest Path Between Cities
Part III - Separating States from County Borders

Part IV - Extending the Object Model Outside of Manifold

Part IV - Integrating ActiveX with VBScript

One of the cool things about object oriented programming is that you can interact with other products, without even having to open the application. In this lesson, you will learn how to connect to Microsoft Excel through ActiveX, and issue Excel functions on your Manifold data.

Part IV - Creating and Add-in
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4.4 out of 5
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