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Global Environmental Problems: Surveying the Human Footprint

This course will use broad, geographic discussions and case studies to help students understand environmental problems.
Brian McCabe
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This course will provide students with a deeper understanding of anthropogenic influences on Earth.
By the end of this course, students will be able to identify major causes of climate change.
By the end of this course, students will be able to identify potential solutions to problems we are collectively facing, this century.

This course explores the environment through the lens of human influence. We will discuss human behavior as it relates to the treatment and use of the environment, from a geographical perspective. We will focus on spatial dimensions of global environmental issues, which includes Earth's subsystems, population growth, land-use change, industry and uneven development, specific examples of the human footprint, and climate change.

An Introduction to Global Environmental Problems

Using Geography to Understand Global Environmental Problems

This opening lecture will describe what geography is and why it provides an excellent platform in which to discuss global environmental problems.

Garrett Hardin's 1968 "Tragedy of the Commons"

This lecture examines Garrett Hardin's landmark 1968 essay, "Tragedy of the Commons," and identifies how it helps to put many of the discussions addressing global environmental problems in context.

Understanding Earth's Systems

Energy & Subsystems

This lecture will explore how Earth receives and distributes energy, as well as the role of the four subsystems and how they interact to create a natural order.

The Carbon Cycle & Biodiversity

This lecture highlights the role of carbon and carbon cycles on Earth and discusses the "natural state" of ecosystems and biodiversity on the planet.

Humans and Land-use Change

Human Population Growth

This lecture will examine how human population increase has contributed to environmental problems, as well as how uneven development has given environmental problems two faces.

Agriculture and Agribusiness

This lecture illuminates the scale of agriculture on the planet surface, while discussing the environmental impacts of such activities, both in developed and developing nations.

Forest Resources & Deforestation

This lecture discusses Earth's forest resources and how the reduction of these wooded regions, particularly in the tropics, can and had contributed to global climate problems.

The Urban Habitat

This lecture discussed the urban realm and how it is the epicenter of human activity, creates microclimates, and continues to impact surrounding natural ecosystems.

The Human Footprint


This presentation highlights some important aspects of anthropogenic pollution, its causes, and what sources contribute to surplus atmospheric carbon.


This lecture briefly explores that various types of waste, waste paradigms, and environmental issues associated with waste.

Mining & Resource Extraction

This presentation explores various angles of mining, from what is mined to extraction methods and their side-effects, as well as laws.

Conventional Energy Use

This presentation outlines the various kinds of fossil fuels used for conventional energy, distinguishes power energy from mobility energy, and highlights the environmental concerns with fossil fuel dependence.

Climate Change

This lecture addresses the myriad of concerns around climate change, discusses some of the basic issues, and sheds light on some of the arguments against global warming.


Solutions and Additional Case Studies for Consideration

This presentation returns to the initial discussion of the Tragedy of the Commons and summarizes how you can use this information to improve our world.

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4.3 out of 5
72 Ratings

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