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Freelancing with GIS Level 1: Earn from Home

If You Want to Earn From Home by Using your GIS Skill, Then This Course is for You! Start Freelancing Business with GIS!
MD. Shahriar Alam
55 students enrolled
Freelancing with GIS
How to Start Freelancing
Freelancing and Freelancer
Types of Freelancers
Online Freelance Platforms for GIS
Global Payment Methods
Bank Wire Transfer
How to Create PayPal Account
Withdraw Money from PayPal
How to Create Skrill Account
Withdraw Money from Skrill
How to Create Payoneer Account
Withdraw Money from Payoneer
Payoneer Apps
How to Create Fiverr Account
Profile Update
Create GIG
Fiverr Project Process
Fiverr Menu
Add Payment Method
Freelancer Level Update
Fiverr Tips to Get First Project Easily
Attractive Profile Tips
Attractive Gig Tips

Are you Thinking like this…

  1. You want to Earn From Home.

  2. You want to Start Freelancing Business

  3. You Want to Use your GIS Skills for Freelancing.

  4. You have Troubled about the Payment Method for freelancing.

  5. You want to Create a suitable Payment method for Freelancing.

  6. You want to learn step by step process of Freelancing with GIS.

  7. You are searching for a cheap course of GIS & Freelancing with having detailed Explanation, Lectures, and Topics.

Then This course is for you, Because of This Course…

  1. Will get Knowledge How to Earn from Home.

  2. Will Teach you How to Start Freelancing Business from Home and Many Types of Freelancing Business.

  3. Will Teach you Freelancing Platforms suitable for GIS and How to get GIS projects from Freelancing Site.

  4. Will Teach you Many Types of Payment method which can be used for Freelancing including PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and Bank Wire Transfer.

  5. Will Guide you which Payment method will be suitable for you.

  6. Gives you All Lectures based on Step by Step Process with description about how and why with practical doing video. Because we believe in Learning by Doing and Playing with Enjoy the Topic.

  7. Is a cheap course of GIS and Freelancing with 40 Lectures, 8 Quiz Tests, 10 Sections, 6 Articles, 3 Downloadable Resources, 1 Final Assignment and each Lecture contains Many Topics and Materials with step by step Detail Explanation.


Course Overview
  1. Course Overview

Introducing Course Instructor
  1. Introducing Course Instructor

Freelancing and GIS

Freelancing and Freelancer
  1. What Is Freelancing?

  2. Freelancer

  3. Why Freelancing: Benefits and Advantages

Types of Freelancers
  1. Types of Freelancers

  2. Independent Contractor

  3. Moonlighters

  4. Diversified Workers

  5. Temporary Workers

  6. Business Owners

  7. Types of Online Freelancers

  8. Hourly Based Freelancers

  9. Project Based Freelancers

  10. Gig or Order Based Freelancers

How to Start Freelancing
  1. 5 Basic Steps of Online Freelancing

  2. How to Start a Freelance Business While Working Full-Time

  1. What is GIS?

  2. Functionalities of GIS

  3. GIS: Maps with Information

  4. GIS Components

  5. Advantages of GIS

  6. Use of GIS

  1. What is Web GIS?

  2. Definition

  3. Desktop GIS vs Web GIS

  4. Key Elements of Web GIS

  5. Basic Steps of Web GIS

  6. Model of Web GIS

Freelancing with GIS
  1. How Freelancing Career with GIS Skill Can Change Our Life

  2. How Much A Freelancer Can Earn Per Day from Online Freelancing Platform by Using His GIS Skill

  3. Existing GIS Freelancers Profile with their Earning and Project List

  4. Example of Gig in Fiverr Website

  5. GIS Based Gig

  6. Gig Packages for Client

  7. Earning Process from Gig

  8. What A GIS Freelancer Needs to Learn to increase His Earning

  9. Existing GIS Projects Example in Online Freelancing Platform

  10. GIS Hourly Based Project

  11. GIS Fixed Price Project

  12. GIS Projects Example and Budget

  13. GIS Demand in Global Market

  14. Web GIS Projects Example and Budget

Online Freelance Platforms

Online Freelance Platforms for GIS
  1. List of Online Freelance Platforms

  2. Online Freelance Platforms for GIS

  3. Fiverr

  4. Freelancer.com

  5. Upwork

  1. Basic of Fiverr Website

  2. Project Process in Fiverr

  3. Differences between Fiverr and another Freelance Website

  4. Why A Freelancer needs to start his First Freelancing Step with Fiverr

  5. Potentialities of Fiverr

  6. $100 Bonus from Fiverr Account

  7. Best Seller GIS Freelancer's Fiverr Profile

  8. Profile 5 Ratings and Feedback

  9. Business Ideas from Freelancing Career

  10. Gig Process

  11. Gig Based Client Rating and Feedback

  12. Order Page

  13. How to Manage Project in Fiverr Website

  14. Payment System of the Project

  1. Basic of Freelancer.com

  2. Project and Freelancer Type

  3. Project Process

  4. Search Project

  5. Freelancer Profile

  6. Client's Rating and Review

  7. Previous Projects List

  8. Project Proposal

  9. Why Freelancer Needs to Create Account in More Freelance Sites

  10. Hourly Rate

  11. Repeat Hire Rate

  12. Project Budget

  13. Project Delivery Days

  14. Place Bid

  1. Basic of Upwork

  2. Elance and Upwork

  3. History of Upwork

  4. Upwork Project and Freelancer Type

  5. Freelancer Profile in Upwork

  6. GIS Projects in Upwork

  7. Web GIS Projects in Upwork

  8. GIS Project Budgets

  9. GIS Consultancy in Upwork

  10. Project Process

  11. Project Proposal

  12. Project Cover Letter

  13. Project Submission

  14. Verified Client

Payment Methods

Global Payment Methods
  1. Popular and Reliable Global Payment Methods

  2. PayPal

  3. Skrill

  4. Payoneer

  5. Bank Wire Transfer

  6. Payment Method Choice Table

  1. Why PayPal?

  2. Country Support

  3. Punishment of illegal PayPal Account

  4. Types of PayPal Account

  5. What if PayPal is not Supported by Country?

  6. Services and Facilities of PayPal

  7. Payment Method of PayPal

  8. PayPal for Buyer

  9. PayPal for Seller

  10. Security of PayPal

  11. PayPal for Business Website

  12. Cards Supported by PayPal

  13. PayPal Invoice

  14. Follow Up Invoice

  15. PayPal.Me

  16. Fees of PayPal

  17. Add Bank Account in PayPal

  18. Withdraw Money From PayPal

  19. PayPal Currency at Withdraw Time

  20. PayPal Prepaid Card

  21. Use of PayPal Prepaid card

  22. PayPal Apps

  1. Why Skrill?

  2. Currencies of Skrill

  3. Service and Facilities of Skrill

  4. How Does Skrill Work?

  5. Skrill Apps

  6. Transfer Money

  7. Skrill Charge Comparing with Other International Money Transfer Charge

  8. Receive Money

  9. Add Bank Account

  10. Pricing of Skrill

  11. How to Pay

  12. Online Shopping

  13. Skrill Master Card

  14. Withdraw Money Using Skrill Card

  15. Skrill Card Currency

  16. Potentialities of Skrill Card

  1. Why Payoneer?

  2. Supported Countries

  3. Should We Choose Payoneer?

  4. Service and Facilities of Payoneer

  5. Online Shopping with Payoneer Card

  6. Safe and Security

  7. Payoneer Steps

  8. Payment Request

  9. Send Payment

  10. Identity of Payoneer Account

  11. Payoneer Master Card

  12. Charge of Payoneer

  13. Monthly Charge

Bank Wire Transfer
  1. Basic of Bank Wire Transfer

  2. When We Should Choose Bank Wire Transaction

  3. Add Bank Account in Online Freelance Site

  4. Charge of Bank Wire Transfer

  5. SWIFT Code

  6. How to Get SWIFT Code

  7. SWIFT Code of a Particular Branch of a Bank


How to Create PayPal Account
  1. Steps to Create PayPal Account

  2. PayPal Website

  3. Account Type

  4. Sign Up Form

  5. Add a Credit Card in PayPal Account

Article: How to Create PayPal Account

Article: How to Create PayPal Account

Withdraw Money from PayPal
  1. Steps to Withdraw Money from PayPal

  2. Transfer Money

  3. How to Add Bank Account in PayPal Account

Article: Withdraw Money from PayPal

Article: Withdraw Money from PayPal


How to Create Skrill Account
  1. Steps to Create Skrill Account

  2. Skrill Website

  3. Sign Up Form

  4. How to Add Bank Account in Skrill Account

  5. Withdraw Option

Article: How to Create Skrill Account

Article: How to Create Skrill Account

Withdraw Money from Skrill
  1. Steps to Withdraw Money from Skrill

  2. Bank Account Charge

  3. Add Bank Account at Withdraw Time

  4. Amount We Can Withdraw After Paid Charge

  5. Withdraw Confirmation

  6. Transaction History or Recent Activities

  7. Withdraw Confirmation Email

Article: Withdraw Money from Skrill

Article: Withdraw Money from Skrill


How to Create Payoneer Account
  1. Steps to Create Payoneer Account

  2. Get $25 Bonus

  3. Sign Up Form

  4. Types of Payoneer Account

  5. Security Detail

  6. Identity Verification Document

  7. ID Type

  8. How to Add Passport for ID Verification

  9. Add Bank Account

  10. SWIFT Code

  11. Email Verification

  12. Login Payoneer

  13. What Next after Email Verification

  14. After Account Approve

  15. When We can Apply for Payoneer Card

Article: How to Create Payoneer Account

Article: How to Create Payoneer Account

Withdraw Money from Payoneer
  1. Steps to Withdraw Money From Payoneer

  2. Types of Withdraw Money from Payoneer

  3. Withdraw Money to Bank Account

  4. Withdraw Limit

  5. Withdraw Money by Using Payoneer Card

  6. Which ATM Booth Supports Payoneer Card

  7. Options and Steps to Withdraw Money from ATM Machine

Article: Withdraw Money from Payoneer

Article: Withdraw Money from Payoneer

Payoneer Apps
  1. Purpose of Payoneer Apps for Mobile

  2. How to Install Payoneer Apps in Your Mobile

  3. Apps Login

  4. Finger Print Login

  5. Username and Password Based Login

  6. Apps Home Page

  7. Transactions History

  8. Balance

  9. Actions

  10. Manage Currencies

  11. Pay to Recipients Payoneer Account

  12. Pay to Recipients Bank Account

  13. Request Payment Option

  14. Settings


How to Create Fiverr Account
  1. Steps to Create New Fiverr Account

  2. Get Up to $100 Bonus

  3. 3 Ways to Open Fiverr Account

  4. Username Condition

  5. Password Condition

  6. Email Verification

  7. Active Account

  8. When We can Get 20% Bonus from Fiverr

Profile Update
  1. Purpose of Profile Update

  2. Steps to Update Freelancer Profile

  3. Profile Picture Upload

  4. Description

  5. Skills

  6. Education

  7. Certification

  8. Dashboard

  9. Security Question

  10. Change Password

  11. Settings

  12. Balance Check

  13. Seller Profile

  14. Occupation

  15. Linked Account

  16. How to Verify Phone Number

Create GIG
  1. Steps to Create a GIG

  2. GIG Overview

  3. GIG Tag

  4. GIG Pricing

  5. GIG Packages

  6. GIG Description

  7. GIG Requirements

  8. GIG Gallery

  9. GIG Publish

Fiverr Project Process
  1. Fiverr Project Management Process

  2. How a Client Can Search and Order a GIG

  3. How a Freelancer Get Notification About the Order

  4. Order Page

  5. How to Discuss with Client

  6. How to Submit Final Work

  7. How to Complete Project

  8. How to Get the Payment

  9. Fiverr Service Charge

  10. Feedback and Rating

  1. Menu of Fiverr Seller Page

  2. Dashboard

  3. Messages

  4. Orders

  5. Gigs

  6. Analytics

  7. Earnings

  8. Community

  9. More

  10. Buyer Requests

  11. How to Search GIS Orders of Clients in Fiverr

Add Payment Method
  1. How to Add a Suitable Payment Method in Fiverr

  2. How Many Payment Methods We Have in Fiverr

  3. Suitable Method Based on Payment Method Choice Table

  4. Verify Yourself Before Add Payment Method

  5. How to Add Payoneer Card in Fiverr

  6. Till Now What We have to Start Freelancing with GIS

  7. What Next?

Level Update
  1. What is Freelancing Level?

  2. Why Update Level?

  3. How to Update Level in Fiverr?

  4. Cause of Level Down

  5. Level Rank in Fiverr

  6. Level Requirement to be the Best GIS Freelancer

  7. Goals to Achieve for Level 1

Tips to Get First Project Easily

Fiverr Tips to Get First Project Easily
  1. Basic 3 Ways to Get First Project Easily

  2. Attractive Profile

  3. Purpose of Attractive Profile

  4. Attractive GIG

  5. Purpose of Attractive GIG

  6. GIG Budget at First Time

  7. Purpose of Low Budget GIG

  8. Compare Yourself with Other GIS Freelancers

  9. First Target of a New Freelancer

Attractive Profile Tips
  1. How to Create Attractive Profile

  2. Sample of an Attractive Description of a GIS Freelancer Profile

  3. What You Can Write in Description if You Don't Have Any Previous Experiences

  4. Attractive GIS Freelancer Profile Although Having No Previous Experiences

  5. Description Writing Tips

  6. What You Should Write

  7. What You Should Not Write

  8. Tricky Lines of Profile Description

  9. Add Proof Based on Your Writing

  10. Think as a Client

Attractive Gig Tips
  1. How to Create Attractive Gig in Fiverr

  2. Gig Title Tricks

  3. Pricing Tricks

  4. When Freelancer should Increase His Gig Budget

  5. Attracting Client with Some Tricky Offer

  6. Gig Description Tricks

  7. Offer Limit and Duration

  8. Gig Gallery Tricks

  9. How to Express Your Gig and Experiences with GIG Gallery

  10. What Next?

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