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Flat Earth Clues

Your Guide to why the Globe Earth Model doesn't add up
Lisa Newton
495 students enrolled
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Think outside of the box
Understand why the world just might be flat

Do not take this course if you have already made your mind up. This course is not for everyone – and we like it that way. 

This is a readers digest version containing many of the interesting parts of the flat earth theory. For those who have already started seeing things with new eyes it will be mostly a recap but there could be a few new angles you haven’t looked at.

For the rest of you who are new to this the first question is invariably, is this a joke? Because it’s a joke right?

And that’s where we start, because it’s one of our two basic childhood facts. One plus one equals two, and the earth is a globe. We’re taught this before almost everything else, and that right there should give you a clue on how serious this secret is.

This course is about how and why the earth just might be flat – and how the globe model doesn’t actually add up. You may consider this a ‘conspiracy theory’ but if you have an closed mind – then this course isn’t for you. This course is for the thinking person who is interested in what is going on around them. Students are encouraged to do their own research and make their own mind up.

This theory is also known as the enclosed globe or enclosed world. If you’ve ever watched Under The Dome or The Truman Show, then you’ll probably enjoy what this course has to offer.

There will be various links included for you to research this subject further in depth. The course takes approx 2-3 hours, plus there’s some background debates and other documentaries to watch. The course is structured around 12 clues and its for you to take the information and apply further research. The course is for you if you like a good conspiracy theory, if you have an open mind, if topics such as the illuminati and secret societies are of interest and if you too believe that 9/11 was an inside job. If this isn’t you – please don’t bother taking this course.


Introduction to the topic of Flat Earth

Flat Earth Clues

Recap Clues 1 to 3
Recap Clues 4 to 6
Recap Clues 7 to 9
Recap Clues 10 to 12



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3.3 out of 5
20 Ratings

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