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Design Analyse Flange Coupling with CatiaV5 & Ansys18

Product design and analysis in Catia V5 Ansys 18
Rajeev Nath
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Product Design to Analyse for manufacturing
Creation of fully constrained sketches and features in Catia
3D model design in Catia
3D assembly design in Catia
Static structural analysing imported 3D catia assembly in Ansys
Static analysis of 3D catia components in Ansys
Generating analysis report in Ansys
Parametric Designing : Computer aided designing and analysis is an iterative method to finalize an optimum solution as designs are modified until desired result is achieved in analysis.
Work on Catia - Part design Assembly design workbenches
Work on Ansys - Static structural workbench

Products design and analysis are being done with CAD and CAE. Designing is incomplete unless it is analysed to detect failure for further modifications as required.

  • We are making a 3d design of flange coupling using CatiaV5 and analysing with Ansys18.

  • We have a 2d designed drawing with required dimensions and components for assembly.

  • Reference to drawing we create individual components namely flange,bolt,nut and shaft.

  • Using CAD Firstly we create constrained sketch with dimensions. Secondly we apply required features to make 3d design.

    Thirdly we assemble created components with required constraints.

  • All design procedures are parametric so that dimensions and constraints can be changed for modifications. Modifications are   

     required while there is failure in analysis,manufacturing or assembly of components.

  • We have shown detailed procedures for designing and analysing in uploaded videos.

  • Hope you will like it as this method is used for products development in industries.


Flange Coupling Designing Assemble Analyse with CatiaV5 & Ansys18

Introduction : Flange Coupling Design Assemble Analyse to Manufacture

Flange Designing using CatiaV5 to Assemble & Analyse in Ansys18

Flange Design in Part Design workbench

Flange designing with part design workbench for assembly

Bolt Designing using CatiaV5 to Assemble & Analyse in Ansys18

Bolt Design in Part Design workbench

Bolt designing with part design workbench for assembly

Nut Designing using CatiaV5 to Assemble & Analyse in Ansys18

Nut Design in Part Design workbench

Nut designing with part design workbench for assembly

Shaft Designing using CatiaV5 to Assemble & Analyse in Ansys18

Shaft Design in Part Design workbench

Shaft designing with part design workbench for assembly

Assembly Designing using CatiaV5 to Analyse in Ansys18

Assembly Designing

Assembly designing for analysis

Structural Analyse Coupling Assembly using Ansys18

Static Analysing Assembly

Static Structural Analysis for manufacturing

Structural Analyse Coupling Components using Ansys18

Static Analysing Components

Static Structural Analysis for manufacturing

PROJECT WORK: 3D Assembly Design in Catia & perform Static Analysis in Ansys

from 2D views of Friction CLUTCH make 3D Assembly and perform Static Analysis

Begin our project work.Assuming you have understood all lectures uploaded in this class.
We have a reference 2D drawing attached as pdf file in which you can find required dimensions and components of a Friction Clutch. All components namely Flange1,Flange2,Shaft1 & Shaft2 is created in Catia and attched as catpart file.

Refer to Project Work uploaded video.

What students have to do :

What you have to do is Assemble those attached components with constraints in Catia and import to Ansys for Analysis. Steps to do this project is shown in project video similarly to lectures and finally Calculate to check following parameters :-

INPUT : Structural Steel,Fixed Support and Moment=500 Nm


  • Max Deformation = 1.573*e-4 m,

  • Max Strain = 3.7871*e-4

  • Max Principal Stress = 4.391*e7 Pa

  • Shear Stress Min=-3.394*e7 Max=3.2847*e7 Pa

  • Max Normal Stress=2.04*e7 Pa

generate project report and send email centre.mech.sc@gmail.com for corrections.

Attached files : Project Work : Design Analyse Friction Clutch Assembly


Clutch drawing.pdf
Clutch analysis

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