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Automatic Extraction of Training Data for Prediction mapping

QGIS tools for automatic extraction of modeling training and testing data samples using Grid & Slope mapping units
Dr. Omar AlThuwaynee
71 students enrolled
English [Auto]
Automatically Generate training and testing data using Grid or Slope units for entire study area with DEM (Digital elevation model ) only
Easily able to create your own modeler tool in QGIS environment
Automatically generate free-landslide areas for Grid units and slope units
Automatically generate training data using Grid unit and slope units
Understand and apply the different mapping units in susceptibility mapping
Learn how to easily choose the wright and appropriate pixel dimension for your map
Hydrological analysis to produce slope units out of streams network intersections

Welcome to my recent developed tools, that will help you to learn how to build apply sophisticated steeps using easy built in tools.

Along this course, I am ( Omar F. Althuwaynee, PhD in GIS and Geomatics engineering) will help you to:

– Build tools that will be used to produce training and testing data AUTOMATICALLY to be as input for data mining models like logistic regression or ANN and more.

– Easily run hectic procedure with Less than 5 steps for each type of mapping techniques.

– Focus your mind set toward automotive development process work style.

  •                                                                           “QGIS as open source has very simple interface and FREE of charge available, therefore it is the great and powerful tool especially in third world based universities and not funded students.”

  •                                                                           “Time to build new skills and say BYE to manual process.”

At the the end of this course, you will be easily and efficiently able to use automatic process to build training and testing data for susceptibility mapping analysis with any sort of data related to natural sciences hazard research, using modeler of QGIS open source FREE software analysis capability.

Keywords: QGIS, GIS, automatic, tools, modeler, mapping, susceptibility

Introduction and theoretical background

Introduction to mapping units theory and practice
Grid and Terrain based mapping units
Aspect and Slope mapping units; cons and pros
Slope mapping units: Methodology processing

Modeler tools download and Software technical settings

Settings: specifications and technical issues
Attachments: Load the Models script and Data into QGIS

working with QGIS environment

QGIS: Data entry, spatial reference setting and models editing
Graphical modeler in QGIS: Build, edit and run a modeler tool

Grid based unit tools

Grid units(STEP1) : Run modeler to create free (safe area) landslides data
Grid units (STEP 2) : Run modeler to integrate thematic maps with samples data
Grid units (STEP 3): Transfer landslides thematic integration results into Excel

Slope based mapping unit modeler tools

Slope units (1): Run modeler generate Slope units for entire study area
Slope units (2): Run modeler to create free (safe area)landslide data
Slope units (3): Run modeler to integrate thematic maps with train/test data
Slope units (4): Transfer integrated thematic maps with train/test data to Excel
Slope units (5): Transfer integrated thematic maps with train/test data to Excel

Summary: Add and run the model with your own data

Modeler tool editing: How to edit, rename and add your own thematic maps
Course summary and to start now the application using your own data
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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4.6 out of 5
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