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In this course, you will learn how to calculate voltage drop in single phase, balanced three phase and unbalanced three phase systems. Also you wil...
5.5 total hours
Electromagnetic forces interact with electrically charged particles and electromagnetic fields; this course will study how these forces lead to vol...
5.5 total hours
Electrical Transformers: Testing and Diagnostics is an intermediate video course where you will learn all about electrical transformers troubleshoo...
4 total hours
$149.99 $110
Unless you are living ‘off the grid’, you are using electricity from an electrical system that uses a transformer. Power stations use e...
3 total hours
$149.99 $105
This course is entrance to the world of Electrical Power Systems. You will learn about the work of Electrical Power Systems, Components of Electric...
38 total mins
$149.99 $105
This course will teach you the principle of operation and installation of various home electrical equipment, so after finishing this course you can...
42 total mins
This course deals with the analytical, designing and practical aspects of the most important components of the electrical power systems “Elec...
2.5 total hours
This is a course of introduction to structure analysis and design using the softare Staad Pro from Bentley Systems. In the course will learn to mod...
4.5 total hours
$199.99 $140
3D & Animation
$119.99 $80
Argomenti: Gestione del nuovo Tools People per integrazione e animazione dei personaggi in visualizzazioni architettoniche. Gestione dei flussi di ...
4 total hours
$119.99 $80
Career Development
$39.99 $28
Welcome all to the Electrical Wiring Course II . In this course I will teach you how to design Light layout , Power layout and DB schedule . Moreov...
3 total hours
We find electrical equipment everywhere, our homes, offices, industries. By choosing this course, you will come to know about the Basics of Electri...
2 total hours
You Will Learn in This Course Electrical Installation Design Part 3 :- – Design Electrical Traction Motor Design Electrical Motor for Elevato...
3 total hours

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